J.C. Vintner was born in Florida on 15 August, 1972.

American author J.C. Vintner researches ancient mysteries, past cultures, strange phenomena, the unexplained, legendary cryptids, and writes about how past phenomena affect the world today in attempt to discover unified theories or a connection into the universal mind as she so eloquently states. Her research efforts have lead to the publication of three short non-fiction reference books, a compilation piece, and contributions to several volunteer media productions.

Jules Vintner
Her mother is a biological sciences researcher, and her father an engineer, who value hard work, determination, and sharing knowledge for good causes. With these influences, Vintner attended Catholic and Baptist schools, moving on to complete six years of education in sciences. Personal experiences growing up contributed to deep interpersonal thinking, provoking J.C. to further explore realms of spirituality and superstitions. According to some sources, her name is believed to be an acronym for Jules Cornelius although this has not been confirmed or denied.

Throughout schooling and various expeditions, premonition experiences stimulated continuing studies on a number of research topics, leading to the completion of her non-fiction works. Her subjects of choice focus primarily on ancient megalithic sites, mysterious relics, unidentified craft, unknown creatures, and a slew of strange mysteries that both science and religion struggle with finding logical explanations for.

A well-known quote from Vintner states:

"We are part of something unimaginably bigger than perception allows one to perceive."

Vintner's writing style enables the reader to decide how they believe on certain subject matter with careful scrutiny to refrain from her own biased opinions. She understands that on a global scale, for researchers to truly understand answers to the unexplained, that it is necessary to explore both scientific and religious aspects together, while presenting how everything is part of a much larger picture.

Written works by J.C. Vintner include:

Ancient Earth Mysteries – 2011 - A guidebook exploring various unexplained historical conundrums facing science and religion today. In this book, Vintner emphasizes the importance of many profound mysteries both in the mainstream and those lesser known, with intent to transfer research knowledge, aiming to inspire other independent researchers to try and solve some of history's greatest unknowns.

Mysteries of the Universe – 2012 – Philosophy of the universal mind examining vast cosmic mysteries influencing humanity with emphasis on quantum physics and spirituality. Mysteries of the Universe presents ideas and concepts which expand consciousness beyond everyday in-the-box thinking. In this work, Vintner puts forward the importance of a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the cosmos.

Legendary Cryptids – 2013 – The third book in the series, Legendary Cryptids, expands on the philosophy of universal mind to examine mysterious creatures thought to exist around the world. With hundreds of years of eye-witness testimonies and debunking, Vintner sheds light on darker realms of the planet with intuitive explanations derived from tangible evidence known to exist.

Ancient World Mysteries – 2014 – The compilation work, which includes personal accounts detailing Vintner's interest in religious and scientific unknowns. Further notations to Ancient Earth Mysteries, Mysteries of the Universe, and Legendary Cryptids are also part of the extensive work released over a three year period.

For J.C.'s research contributions with an intimate knowledge of how various mysteries from human history interconnect, it is understood she will continue to pass along any answers or revelations she may uncover. Vintner's willingness to share findings with the world is also evident by her publishing efforts. Web media projects she contributes to include,, and, offering a large majority of her research and new articles published on a fairly consistent basis. As well, Vintner's works are priced through various retail outlets to cover only delivery and materials for those who prefer hard copy and digital format with convenient access.