Ancient World Mysteries

Life as we know it, and the world around us, continue to inspire an incredible amount of questions even after thousands of years of technical innovation. Discovering answers to those questions sometimes completely alter the understanding of who we are spiritually, where we came from, and what our future holds. From building amazingly complex structures to exploring personal enlightenment, unanswered questions are capable of motivating the most astonishing feats ever known to mankind.

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Legendary Cryptids

Delve into a mysterious realm of legendary creatures, mythological beasts, and ghostly apparitions fueling the curiosity of society for thousands of years. Explore ancient oral traditions focused on unexplained spirits once held in high regard, revered and feared to a point of affecting the daily lives of our past relatives. Legendary Cryptids discovers ways how our ancestors transferred knowledge from generation to generation inadvertently influencing an array of sensationalized unknown beings.

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Mysteries of the Universe

Ancient Earth Mysteries Volume II: Philosophy covers selected topics examining ancient cultures and their philosophical influence on the world while touching upon mankind's position in the universe. Explore new avenues of thinking through the mind's eye, and find out how we can change our future for the better. Mysteries of the Universe provides food for new thought as compelling inspiration for understanding our quantum purpose in the cosmos.

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Coral Castle Photo Tour

Journey through a 59 page full color photo tour of Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle. How did a five foot tall 100 lb. man move rocks weighing tons so easily and with such precision? Learn more about Ed through J.C. Vintner's Coral Castle Picture Book.

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Ancient Earth Mysteries

Discover how our ancestors are still changing life as we know it, with J.C. Vintner's beginner's guide to Ancient Earth Mysteries. Explore megalithic structures, unexplained and strange phenomena, alien influence, and mysteries from around the world. As the first book, from Vintner's Ancient World Mysteries, it is available in e-book and online format by visiting the official MysteryPile website.
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